Ahdut HaAvoda

Ahdut Haavoda (Hebrew אחדות העבודה, German unit of work ) was the name of several successive parties in Mandate Palestine and later in Israel. The first party of that name has been led by David Ben- Gurion and considered the most important forerunner of today's Israeli Labor Party Avodah.


The original Ahdut Haavoda was founded in 1919 in Palestine, and went in 1930 on the Mapai. 1944 again a group of Mapai split off and took the 14 years unused name Ahdut Haavoda. In 1946 it merged with the Poale Zion to Ahdut Haavoda Poale Zion. In 1948, the merger with the Hashomer Hatzair Workers Party of Palestine to Mapam. 1954 split which in turn a new Ahdut Haavoda from. 1965 closed one with Mapai to an electoral alliance together and founded in 1968 together with Rafi today Avodah.