Ahhotep II.

In Ahhotep II (also Aahotep II, Iahhotep II ) is believed to be an ancient Egyptian queen of the 17th or 18th dynasty, whose identity is still controversial.


Traditionally, it is in Ahhotep II to the king's mother Ahhotep whose coffin was discovered in the Deir el- Bahari. It has been dated to the 18th dynasty and was next to Ahmose II Meritamun as the wife of Amenhotep I.

Other Egyptologists, such as Claude Vandersleyen or Alfred Grimm and Sylvia Schoske see in Ahhotep II the probable wife of King Kamose from the 17th dynasty and assign the previously Ahhotep I. ascribed sarcophagus (including grave treasure ) from Dra Abu el - Naga.


Assuming that Ahhotep II was probably the ( sister ) wife of Kamose, she was possibly the daughter of Senachtenre and Tetischeri and sister or half-sister of Seqenenre and Ahhotep I. From the compound with Kamose they perhaps would be the mother from him possibly ascribed daughter Ahmose - Satkamose.

Whether they therefore bore the title of God's Wife of Amun, it remains questionable whether it is shown as well in a Theban grave in the family gallery next Meritamun I. and Satamun.


There are no unambiguous assignment of their tomb. Depending on whether you sarcophagus from the Deir el- Bahari or assigns from Dra Abu el- Naga Ahhotep I, is assigned Ahhotep II of each other coffin.