Ahi is:

  • The people of Ahi lives partly to Lae in Papua New Guinea
  • The name of guild leaders moderately organized Männerbünde who possessed great political influence in the 13th and 14th centuries in some Anatolian cities, such as Ankara, see Ahi (union)
  • In Indian Mythology a demonic snake and name of the Asura Vritra
  • The name of a popular tuna, see yellowfin tuna
  • A male first name, known in biblical writings and with the meaning " my brother ": in 1 Chr 5, 15: son of Abdiel
  • In 1 Chr 7, 34: son of Shemer

The abbreviation stands for AHI

  • General & Civil Engineering
  • Apnea - hypopnea index, the number of certain operations in breathing associated with "sleep -disordered breathing "
  • Audio hardware interface (audio driver system for Amiga computers)
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