Ahithophel Ahithophel also (Hebrew אחיתופל ) is a man from the Old Testament of the Bible. He lived about the year 1000 BC

Ahithophel lived in the time of David, king of Israel, and was one of the counselors. According to the Biblical narrative his advice was considered so accurate that you compared him with the counsel of God. He was the grandfather of Bathsheba, whose husband Uriah was sent by David to death. Ahithophel joined forces with David's son Absalom to overthrow the king. So he gave Absalom the Council, the ten concubines that David had left behind when he fled from Absalom to take as its own publicly owned. Due to this fact, the relationship between Absalom and David should be irreconcilable. He also gave Absalom the Council, he should immediately make itself with 12,000 soldiers the persecution of David. He should kill this if he was still tired. This advice was rejected by Absalom, because he thought the Council Hussais for better. However, He was a spy of King David and Ahithophel betrayed David plans by the priests Zadok and Abiathar. After Ahithophel realized that his advice was not followed, he went home, ordered his last will and then hanged himself.