Ahkal Mo' Naab' II

Ahkal Mo ' Nahb II ( born September 3, 523; † July 21 570) was a ruler ( Ajaw ) of the Mayan city of Palenque. He ruled on 2 May 565 to his death.

Origin and family

Ahkal Mo ' Nahb II was ( Long Count, Calendar Round 7 K'an mol 17) was born on 3 September 523. He was a grandson of his namesake Ahkal Mo ' Nahb I. His family relationship to his predecessor K'an Joy Chitam I. remain a mystery. His successor, Kan Bahlam I was probably his younger brother.


He ascended the throne on May 2, 565 (, 1 Imix 4 Sip ), 85 days after the death of his predecessor K'an Joy Chitam I. From his short reign, apart from celebrations to a jubilee events not known. Ahkal Mo ' Nahb II died on July 21, 570 (, 9 Manik ' 5 Yaxk'in ) to have, apparently without leaving an heir. The throne was then vacant for almost two years. Only in April 572 Kan Balam I. was officially enthroned as the new ruler.

Pictures of Ahkal Mo' Naab' II