Akkamassiv in the evening light

Akka, also written Áhkká, is a mountain massif in Lapland in Sweden. In the Sami and Finnish the name means " old woman ", referring to the Mother Goddess ( the very first was Maderakka, see also Finnish mythology and Sámi mythology). The mountain is located in the national park Stora Sjöfallet on the shores of Lake named after him Akkajaure towards the village Ritsem. It refers to the majestic massif also known as " Queen of Lapland ".

The name of the mountain inspired Selma Lagerlof: She called in her novel The Wonderful Adventures of Nils Holgersson with the wild geese, the leader of the Wild Geese ' Akka from Kebnekaise ".


The highest point of the free-standing collection, mehrgipfligen massif is the Stortoppen with a height of 2015 meters, followed by the Borg topping with 1963 meters. The third highest summit point 1916 meters has no name. The fourth highest means Dubbeltoppen and is 1830 meters high. Located in the west Västtopparna is 1780 meters above sea level. The remaining peak points have heights of 1734, 1730, 1676, 1628 and 1604 meters.