Ahlbeck (near Ueckermünde)

Ahlbeck is a municipality in the district of Vorpommern - Greifswald in Mecklenburg- Vorpommern ( Germany ). It is at the Szczecin Lagoon, based in Eggesin managed by the Office.


The municipality is located in the eastern part of the Ahlbeck Ueckermünder Heath, a vast forested area near the Polish border. Together with the hamlets Gegensee and Ludwigshof Ahlbeck surrounds the northwestern part of an old, deflated by colonists lake ( Lake Ahlbecker ). This wetland is called lake bottom is approximately six kilometers in length and about two kilometers wide nature reserve. The Neuwarper lake - a bay of the Szczecin Lagoon ( Oderhaff ) - is about five kilometers from Ahlbeck ( Luckow municipality, district Rieth ). Southwest of Ahlbeck is a military training area of the Bundeswehr ( Karpin - Woodpecker Mountain - Drögeheide ). The nearest town ( eight kilometers ) is Eggesin.


  • Gegensee - with some thatched half-timbered houses from the period and a holiday resort (bungalows and cottages )
  • Ludwigshof ( district since 1912 ) - including a horse farm


Its history dates back to the 12th century. However, only in 1491 appeared Ahlbeck first time in a document on - the existence of a church is busy for the middle of the 15th century.

In the area around Ahlbeck lived farmers, fishermen and woodcutters, charcoal burners and Teerschweler. The village belonged from 1493 to 1648 to the Duchy of Pomerania and came afterwards into Swedish possession. In the Thirty Years' War a number of farmsteads and the church were destroyed. In the area around Ahlbeck you still imposed to the beginning of the 19th century wolves. 1719 was the acquisition of territory by Prussia. The time of the colonization of the then largely deserted Ueckermünder Heath started by an edict of the Prussian King Frederick II from the year 1745. Were created the outworks Vorsee, Ludwigshof and Gegensee that today belong to the community. Hoping to create fertile meadows, the lake was Ahlbecker by dragging drainage ditches in the west ( to Randow ), and later in the north lowered (for Neuwarper Lake ) and finally completely drained. The target for success was because the sand and peat soils for agricultural use were not optimal. Today, the former lake, the so-called Fenn, a unique natural landscape.

The 1865 living in Ahlbeck 614 inhabitants were farmers, Büdner and fishermen, forest workers, traders and weavers. In 1900 was dredged near the hamlet Ludwigshof ooze of former Ahlbecker lake ( the excavated hole is today's Ludwig Hofer lake ) to produce ammonia from the digested sludge, which itself did not pay.

Since 1993, the town with the help of Urban Development has been completely refurbished.


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  • The village church is a baroque Ahlbeck, handsome, rectangular half-timbered church from 1759 (other sources from 1754 ). The tower has an open hood. The equipment ( altar, pulpit, gallery) also dates from the 18th century to one of the finest examples of a timber-framed church in northern Germany.
  • The grave chapel of the family of Voss in the cemetery dates from the second half of the 19th century.
  • The entire, relatively uniform site of the village with its most traufständigen half-timbered houses.

Hunting lodge Gegensee

West of Gegensee, in a wooded area, bounded by the towns Eggesin, Woodpecker Mount, Borken, Gegensee there was the hunting ground of the Minister of National Defense of the GDR, Heinz Hoffmann. After a fire in the early 1970s a new hunting lodge was built, colloquially referred to as a hunting lodge Gegensee. In addition, there were car garages, a guardhouse, a steel lattice tower with radio equipment, more hunting facilities and a helipad. Hunting guests were next to the NVA generals and guests from abroad. Because of the consequent security measures had on the nearby shooting range of the garrison Eggesin partially planned training activities shall be suspended. When the cabin was no longer sufficient for the storage of hunting trophies, in the late 1970s a trophy house was built. Made, especially in the automobile plant in Eisenach, East Germany hunting vehicles / boxes of type " Wartburg " were for the minister and his wife are available. The cabin was manned around the clock, was economically connected to the military forestry operation Hintersee. News Technically, the cabin was connected with direct communication links to the news headquarters of the Ministry of National Defense. These compounds were 1-10/4 operated via the node cable ( Kk ) 274 Zw Deutsche Post of the GDR of Ahlbeck to the cabin. During the hunt all hunting vehicles were connected over a wireless network among themselves and with the cabin.

In October and November of 1985, an additional hunting bungalow for the minister was about five kilometers south of the cabin and north of Rothenklempenow built.

Transport links

From the B 109 can be reached via Ahlbeck Torgelow and Eggesin. More roads lead from Ahlbeck to Vogelsang Warsin the Szczecin Lagoon, and to the south in the 30 kilometers to community Löcknitz on the B 104 in Eggesin eight kilometers away is over the train track Jatznick - Ueckermuende also connection to the railroad.