Ahle (Schwülme)

The Ahlequelle

The awl is approximately 18 km long, right or north western tributary of Schwülme in Lower Saxony, Germany.



The creek originates in southern Lower Saxony in the center of the Solling. The sources of the awl are located south of the village of Neuhaus im Solling in the nature reserve Ahlewiesen. They are meters west of the state road 497 still on the territory of the district Northeim, near the border with the county wood Minden. The Ahlequellmoor is one of the last in Southern Lower Saxony fens. While the sources of the awl be supplied all year round with water, the amount of precipitation on the southwestern edge of the Solling throughout the year rather low.


The awl first runs through a fairly narrow creek bed that is stood by thick forests, to the south. After a few kilometers, the valley widens more and more and is surrounded by meadows stream runs further to the southeast of the city Uslar. He flows past by Schoenhagen, Kammerborn and Sohlingen (each Uslarer neighborhoods) as well as on the western edge of the Uslarer core city.


In the southern slopes of the Solling broach the northeast- coming Rehbach (largest awl tributary ) flows to what they achieved Schoningen (district of Uslar ). South or below it opens the awl to 131 m altitude in the coming from the southeast Schwülme that about seven kilometers (direct distance ) to the west flows into the Weser.

Catchment area

The catchment area of ​​142.86 square kilometers includes awl, which is the second largest river system in the Schwülme.