Ahle Wurst

As Ahle sausage (also awl Worschd or Wurscht ) refers to a coarse grained, cut resistant Rohwurstsorte. The sausage is similar in production and use of strong droughts rounds.

For the production of lean pork belly without rind is comminuted in the cutter to the finest grain. Typical condiments are nitrite, pepper and garlic. After filling in the middle Kranzdärmen as sausage casing sausage matures for several days and is finally air dried. After that, she is consuming and storable, but is often still to months suspended for several weeks for after-ripening in order to achieve the desired degree of hardness. For Stracke awl Worschd the sausage mixture is poured into large-caliber middles or artificial casings. The other production is identical.

Nordhessische awl Wurscht

The Slow Food initiative has the Nordhessische awl Wurscht taken in June 2004 in their " Ark of Taste " to promote the traditional production method and to secure as a cultural asset. According to the understanding of the meat from older pigs ( porcine meat ) is used for the production, is cultured separately for the production of sausage. Their meat is processed shortly after slaughter or without maturation to the sausage mixture. The pieces of meat are minced with a meat grinder in medium coarse grit. Typical spices are merely table salt and saltpetre, and nitrite. The use of other seasonings depends on the recipe of the manufacturer. The sausages are traditionally made in sausage casings of different diameters. Depending on the diameter of the maturity period is three to nine months.

On the initiative of Slow Food Northern Hesse founded in October 2004, the Friends of Nordhessische awl Wurscht eV This annually awards the trademark Nordhessische awl Wurscht. The quality requirements is the exclusive use of pork from the North Hesse region or neighboring regions, a minimum weight of slaughter pigs of 150 kg and the processing of the meat within 32 hours after slaughter by companies in the region. As a seasoning garlic, coriander, nutmeg, pepper, allspice, mustard seed and sugar may be used. The addition of nitrite, starter cultures, flavors and ripening agent is prohibited. There are two varieties with different ripening times minimum. Round in the pig intestine have a diameter of approximately 35 mm and a maturation period of at least four weeks in the bovine intestine, the period is six weeks. The Stracke has a diameter of 43 to 80 mm and a maturation period of two to seven months.