Ahlerich ( born May 20, 1971, † 1992 ) was a Westphalian gelding, who along with Reiner Klimke in Los Angeles won the gold medal in dressage at the Olympic Games in 1984.

From the young horse to Grand Prix

Klimke auctioned Ahlerich at auction in 1975 in Warendorf. Although he sought no other horse and needed, he sought out along with the then managing director of the Westphalian Pferdestammbuch, Dr. Ferdinand Dohmen, according to test ride different horses, the four -year-old horse Ahlerich. This bay gelding, who was descended from the Thoroughbred stallion Angelo, was bought at this auction for a record price of DM 42,000, although originally planned far less. This Ahlerich was the star of the auction. In 1978, he then had his first Grand Prix start.


The most significant achievements were winning the 1982 World Cup in Lausanne, in 1983 winning the European Champion title, winning the Olympic gold medal in 1984 in Los Angeles. How to write Dr. Klimke after this victory: " ... One can not speak with horses, but I imagine: that day. Ahlerich knew what it was " 1985, winning the Individual and Team Championships in Copenhagen and at the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul still winning the gold medal with the team.

1992 Ahlerich died at age 21 of colic.

Dr. Klimke described in his book "From the young horse for dressage world champion: Ahlerich an exemplary Ausbildungswegr " detailing the training and the success of the horse.