Ahn Cheol-soo

Ahn Cheol -soo ( born February 26, 1962 in Busan) is a South Korean doctor, software developers and politicians. He is the founder of AhnLab Inc and was regarded as a promising candidate for election to the presidency in December 2012.

Studies and career

Ahn studied medicine in 1980 at the Seoul National University and received his doctorate there in 1991. At 27, he was Head of Department of Pre-Clinical Institute of Dankook University. As a doctor at the university hospital and at Seoul National University Hospital, he dealt with the writing of anti -virus programs. In 1995 he founded AhnLab Inc, which became the largest South Korean companies in the field of computer security later. From 1997 he studied engineering science at the University of Pennsylvania and earned the MSE.

In 2005, he resigned as CEO and has since been chairman of the board. He then studied at the Wharton School and received his EMBA. 2008 to 2011 he taught at the KAIST. In 2011, he was at his alma mater, the appointed Seoul National University as Dean of the Graduate School of Convergence Science & Technology.

Seoul mayoral election of 2011

In the election of the mayor of Seoul on 26 October 2011, he was mentioned as a potential candidate in public. In the surveys has been shown that 50 % of voters would choose Ahn. After a conversation on September 6 with the non-party candidate and human rights activist Park Won -soon, he announced not to run. This non-participation, he decided to establish in favor of the various opposition parties, who wanted to start with a common candidate in the election against the conservative ruling party. After a candidate association with the Democratic Party on October 3, and with the support of Ahn Park Won -soon won the election against the candidate of the Grand National Party with 53.40 % of votes.

Presidential nomination in 2012

In a speech on September 19, 2012 Ahn told to run as candidate for election to the presidency in December 2012. In the speech he promised the industry ( which he blamed to keep employees as in cages ) to control more, to create more jobs for young people and to promote a better distribution of wealth and life chances. On November 23, 2012, he told a press conference that he would forgo a candidacy. So he wanted the opposition to the candidate Park Geun - hye of the ruling Saenuri a party. The unity opposition candidate was now Moon Jae- in of the main opposition party DUP, which he now support for the presidential election on 19 December, 2012.

Deputy in the Gukhoe

In the election of the directly elected parliamentary seat in Seoul Nowon -gu district Ahn stood as an independent candidate against the candidate of the ruling party Saenuri Huh Joon -young and won the election on 24 April 2013.

Party politics

The end of 2013 he announced the formation of a new party, a founding meeting with 320 delegates decided on 17 February 2014 Name New Political Party. On March 2, 2014, he agreed with the Chairman of the Democratic Party Kim Han -gil on the establishment of a common party before the regional elections in June 2014. March 26, 2014, the new political alliance was for Democracy (The New Politics Alliance for Democracy ) founded, whose chairman Ahn together with Kim.

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