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Weimar is a municipality in the northern Hessian Ahnatal district of Kassel ( Germany ).

Geographical location

Weimar that divides the village in Weimar and the northeastern residential area Kammerberg lies just north of the High hawk forest a few kilometers northwest of Kassel, and just west of Heckershausen, the other district Ahnatals. West of Weimar rises the hangar stone, southeast flowing tributary of the Fulda- ancestor.



1097 we find the first mention of the place in a directory of the Mainz St. Albansstift in this chapel in Weimar was transferred. 1302 sold the Mainz pin the manor, together with right of patronage to the convent Ahnaberg.

On 1 August 1972, the two formerly independent communities Heckershausen and Weimar were together the greater community Ahnatal due to the Hessian government reform.

Historical place names

Wimar ( 1097 ); villa Winmare ( 1146 ) ( Hersfeld Abbey ); Alb. De wimare ( 1146 ) ( Hersfeld ); Wimar ( 1209); Wimmare ( 1252) ( monastery Hasungen ); Winmar ( 1349 ); Weinmar (1585 )


In Weimar Recreational Area Buhl, a former basalt quarry and today's natural lake, which by 1900 caused a stir in mineralogical circles by finds of massive iron is.

Approximately 3 km north of Weimar is the Castle Wilhelm valley, which belongs to the municipality Calden.

Transport links

The county road 30, which comes from the west of the district Caldener Fürstenwald, runs through Weimar to the eastern district Ahnataler Heckershausen. From this road branches off in Weimar, K 29, which leads to the main road südsüdwestwärts 251 ( Brilon- Kassel) and has over this connection to some northwest trending Federal Highway 44. Weimar has a stop at the attended also by the RegioTram Kassel railway Volkmarsen - Vellmar - Obervellmar.