Ahne (Fulda)

The Ahna flows through the grounds of the University of Kassel

Ford and footbridge at Ahnatal -Weimar

The ancestor ( ancestor also Bach and Ahna or Ahnabach called ), is a 21.1 km long, left or north western tributary of the Fulda in Kassel district and in the independent city of Kassel in northern Hesse ( Germany ).


The ancestor rises in the High Hawk Forest. Your source lies in the nature park Hawk Forest about 0.6 km northeast of the standing on the mountain vinegar (about 597.5 m above sea level. NN ) Telecommunications tower hawk forest or around 0.8 km north- west of the highest point of the Great Cairn ( 597 m above sea level. NN ). It is located a few hundred meters outside of Kassel city area in the southeast part of the municipality hawk forest hidden in the forest to almost 575 m above sea level. NN /.

A little below its origin, the ancestor ostnordostwärts flows along the trail chestnut avenues past the hat and pastures, located between the forested mountain Wuhlhagen ( 561.7 m above sea level. ) And are located in the mountain park William height Kassel Hercules; the latter is about 1.3 km south-east of the creek. They passed the 500 m south-southeast location Sichelbach basin, the main memory of the Kassel water games, to the brook from the leads on a 2.2 km long ditch.

Henceforth, the ancestor passes through forested areas to the north past the restaurant to Silver Lake (about 470 m above sea level. NN ). It forms in the forest hawk partly the natural boundary of Kassel- Harleshausen for community forest hawk and then flows steeply downhill through a deep valley. Here, the stream passes directly or within a short distance of basalt and limestone formations, old wells and the remains of a long- disused mine in the once brown coal was mined. In addition, the ancestor flows past a basalt mining. From this area of the stream, it is not far to the ring wall of the former hedgehog castle and the nearby Silver Lake.

(. 335 m above sea level ) on the old restaurant Ahnetal that leading to Weimar County Road 21 is located near forest exit near a tight corner at the junction of the Federal Highway 251, leaving the ancestor - the road Crossing it and flowing toward the northeast - finally it here densely forested and belonging to Harleshausen area of ​​Habichtswalds to the Ahnatal - to flow through and the community Ahnatal to the east - again well and also the lake Buhl passing. Southeast of the district of the Weimar Bach is bridged by the railway line Volkmarsen - Vellmar - Obervellmar, after which the little ancestor opens. To the west of the district Heckershausen leaves the ancestor of the nature park Hawk Forest. By the middle of the village, next to the brook at about 215 m above sea level. NN, she has overcome 360 m height difference. Below the village it flows immediately after receiving the coming of northern ducks Bach along the county road 31 ( Heckershausen - Vellmar ) through by a stream tunnel under the tracks of the Friedrich -Wilhelms- Northern Railway.

Directly after that the ancestor enters the small town Vellmar from where to it is accompanied by the trail fairy tale land to its mouth and where a common expressway -like developed section of national road 7 and 83 underpasses after flowing through the ancestor park (around 178 m above sea level. NN ). A little further south-east of it she crosses the Halle- Kassel Railway and also the high-speed line Hannover -Kassel and Würzburg (about 171 m above sea level. NN ).

From there on, the latest from the the brook in about 165 to 160 m above sea level. NN town limit of Vellmar to Kassel, ie the watercourse Ahna. Beyond this limit branches below the mountain from waiting ( 229.1 m above sea level. NN ), where the creek flows through a vast, undeveloped lowland, the artificial mill race. It leads along a wooded escarpment of the survey and derives its water after about 750 m in length just below the Parisian mill at about 157 m above sea level. NN back into the Ahna.

After that, Ahna runs in a southeasterly direction, usually channeled parallel to Bunsenstraße and slightly east of the B 7 ( Dutch Street ) through built-up areas of Kassel, where it flows through various parts of the city or forming their boundaries. He flows between the vocational training center in the west and located on a hill Klinikum Kassel in the east and the University of Kassel in the south along the eastern boundary of the North City Parks ( created from 1999 to 2004, approximately 145 m above sea level. ), To whom the future directly in south of the Ahnapark (not to be confused with the aforementioned Ahnepark in Vellmar ) to connect.

After passing through the university campus and shortly thereafter located Pass under the highway 3 (Weser street corner Kurt- Wolters -Straße shooters road, . 140.1 m above sea level ) and the trail Herkulesweg the Ahna flows near the small barrages Island Finkenherd, in addition to the Kassel ship lock is rolling with defense, between the port and near Fulda Fulda bridge km 27.3 to about 135 m above sea level. NN / in the Fulda. Overall, the ancestor or Ahna overcomes approximately 440 m height difference.

Catchment and river system

The river system of ancestor and Ahna whose catchment area covers 41.332 km ², including downriver viewed with orographic mapping (l = left side, R = right side), river length and Mündungsort with ancestor Bach miles this river:

  • Small ancestor ( r, 2.4 miles), southeast of Weimar ( at km 13.1 )
  • (Also called Servitutgraben; l; 4.8 km ) village stream, between. Weimar and Heckershausen below the bridge mill ( at km 11.7 ) Erlebach, ( l; 2.1 km ), in Weimar ( at Brook Village 1.25 km )
  • Chicken Kamps (source Bach, l; 1,8 km), located near the south of Heckershausen hill Beulchen ( am Rain Bach 1.6 km )
  • Firnsbach (source Bach: r; 1.4 km ), located near the south of Heckershausen hill Beulchen ( am Rain Bach 1.6 km )
  • Rinnbach (r; 1.9 km ), just west of Obervellmar below or above the creek tunnel of railway Volkmarsen - Vellmar - Obervellmar and Friedrich- Wilhelms- North train (with Rain Bach 0.4 km )


Between Heckershausen Weimar and crashed on 12 March 2010, near the county road 30 ( Heckershausen -Weimar ) about 100 m south of the bridge over the mill ancestor leading pedestrian bridge ( ⊙ 51.3670472222229.4131638888889 ) a, as a 1.5 -ton tractor - tractor via the wooden bridge with an apparently durchgefaulten beamed drove. On 19 August 2010, a new bridge, 6.7 m long and 2.5 m wide, made ​​up of fully galvanized and painted steel girders on the old abutments of reinforced concrete. The flooring of the bridge, which is provided with metal railings, consists of Bongossi wooden boards.


On forest roads and paths of Habichtswalds the ancestor Headwaters can be good walking and hiking. The deeply cut, shaded and wooded valley of the ancestor can be migrated between the restaurant and the restaurant Ahnetal to Silver Lake. There, a path leads in three places over wooden bridges, but usually runs directly through the river bed and the small stream lying therein Islands. In the area outside the Habichtswalds with fields and meadows that are located on the stream below the B 251 in the direction of lead other ways Vellmar where you can go through the Ahnepark. Also in Kassel Ahna is partly accompanied by ways so that you can go for example on Warteberg along the mill-race.

Archaeological finds

At the ancestor or Ahna you find the fossil Kassel sea sand.