Koninklijke Ahold NV ( German: Royal Ahold ) is a Dutch company based in Amsterdam. He is one of the world's largest operators of supermarket chains and employed about 200,000 employees in 2008.


The origin of the group goes back to one on May 27, 1887, founded by Albert Heijn in Oostzaan grocery store. Today Ahold is active along with the Netherlands and in Spain, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, the United States and through participation in ICA in Scandinavia.

In November 1998, Ahold took over from Allkauf markets Krakow and Tychy in Poland.

In 2003, Ahold by an accounting scandal in the talk, as at the subsidiary U.S. Foodservice and the Argentine subsidiary Disco irregularities in the books for 2001 and 2002 were known. The scandal led to the resignation of the CEO van der Hoeven, who was replaced by former IKEA manager Anders Moberg. As part of the renovation Ahold 2004 sold its U.S. supermarket daughters BI -LO and Bruno's to the financial investor Lone Star, both companies had to file bankruptcy in 2009.

In May 2007, the Group sold its U.S. business U.S. Foodservice Catering for up to 5 billion euros of private equity firms Clayton, Dubilier & Rice and KKR. Foodservice recorded in the previous year, with its 27,000 employees, a turnover of 15 billion euros and accounted for approximately one-third of the income of the entire group at. Also in 2007, resigned Anders Moberg. Was succeeded by the Briton John Rishton, who joined as CEO Rolls- Royce in 2011. Dick Boer took over in 2011 as CEO.

Distribution Lines

United States

  • Giant - Carlisle (1981 )
  • Giant - Landover (1998)
  • Martin's (a subsidiary of Giant- Carlisle)
  • Peapod (2000)
  • Stop & Shop (1995 )


  • Albert ( 1991)
  • Albert Heijn
  • Albert.nl
  • Bol.com (2012 accepted)
  • Eto (1973 )
  • Gall & Gall
  • Hypernova (2001, Slovakia )
  • ICA ( joint venture with Hakon Invest AB since 2000)
  • Pingo Doce, the largest supermarket chain in Portugal, founded in 1980 by Jerónimo Martins, operated since 1992 by JMR, a joint venture, in which Ahold holds 49 %.


The shares of Ahold is on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange and - also listed on the New York Stock Exchange - since 1993. It is part of the AEX index and the S & P Global 1200.