Ahr Hills


View from the tower at Krausberg Dernau to Hochthürmerberg, Mountain hares and (in the background ) Michel Berg

The Ahrgebirge (also called Ahreifel ) is one to 623.8 m above sea. NHN high and 25 km long Mittelgebirgszug the Eifel, the slightly southwest of Bonn at the junction of North Rhine -Westphalia and Rhineland -Palatinate ( Germany ) is located.

The wooded Ahrgebirge has numerous attractions - including the castle Aremberg, the Effelsberg radio telescope and the section of a Roman road with ancient aqueduct.



The Ahrgebirge is part of the Eifel, the bulk of which followed the south-west and south. It lies on the left or north-western shore of the Ahr, about 40 km southwest of Bonn. Sometimes the ridge on the right, the southeastern shore of the Ahr in space Altenahr is still expected to Ahrgebirge. The small mountain range is bounded by a rectangle, which is circumscribed by county and Remagen in the east, in the southeast of Altenahr, Antweiler in the south, Blankenheim in the west and Bad Münster Eifel and Rhine river in the north.

In the north of the site of the Ahrgebirges goes in the Cologne Bight over, in the east it falls to Voreifel and to the valley of the Middle Rhine from, the south side of the Ahr joins the actual Eifel (up to 746.9 m), in the west of Aspen Forest and in the northwest, the northern Eifel.


To the mountains in Ahrgebirge include - sorted by height in meters ( m) above mean sea level ( MSL ):

  • Aremberg ( 623.8 m) with the castle Aremberg
  • Michel Berg ( 586.1 m)
  • Junker Berg ( 543.4 m)
  • Knippenberg ( 537.3 m)
  • Hühnerberg ( Lommersdorf ) ( 533.5 m)
  • Summer mountain ( 526.7 m)
  • Calvary ( Alendorf ) ( 522.8 m)
  • Kop Nück ( 514.4 m)
  • Hochthürmerberg ( 499.9 m)
  • Tomberg ( 308.5 m) with ruin Tomburg


The Ahrgebirge is traversed by following rivers, sometimes they spring from it:

  • Ahr ( source in Blankenheim )

With its tributaries Trier Bach, Sahrbach, Liersbach, Armuthsbach with Buchholz Bach ( source close to the watershed at Esch);

  • Erft ( source in Holzmülheim )

With its tributaries Swist (Source Kalenborn ) and Steinbach.


At the Ahrgebirge adjacent cities and municipalities:

  • Rhine river (North)
  • Home Mecke (Northeast)
  • Remagen ( East)
  • Bad Neuenahr -Ahrweiler (south)
  • Antweiler (south)
  • Blankenheim ( West)
  • Bad Münstereifel ( northwest)

Other villages in Ahrgebirge include:

  • Altenahr
  • Ahrbrück
  • Aremberg
  • Effelsberg
  • County
  • Hilberath
  • Kalenborn
  • Mahlberg
  • Mutscheid
  • Ohlenhard


By Ahrgebirge the tourist route the Eifel route runs. It can be traversed in a number of ways. This includes the AhrSteig, long-distance trail that begins in Blankenheim and the Ahr follows in stages to its confluence with the Rhine at Sinzig. Among the sights and attractions include the castle on the Aremberg Aremberg above Aremberg and the ruins Tomburg (11th century) above Wormersdorf with a distant view to Cologne. At Effelsberg is the Radio Telescope Effelsberg, on the summit of Mount Michel a Catholic chapel, which is dedicated to the Archangel Michael, and is regularly visited by pilgrims and walkers. Also a part of the Roman Eifel aqueduct, which runs along the northern edge and in the north of Ahrgebirges, is a popular tourist destination be studied. Worth seeing is the Ahr Valley with its wines; the southeastern slopes of Ahrgebirges the Ahr valley are the vineyards that can be walked on the red trail.