The Ahre in Rothaargebirge is about 5.4 km long, right and southwestern source stream of Nuhne in Hochsauerlandkreis in North Rhine -Westphalia.


The Ahre springs Rothaargebirge Nature Park about 3.8 km south-west of Winterberg town part Zuschen. Your source is located about 220 m west of the summit of Ziegenhelle ( 815.9 m) to about 740 m above sea level. NN.

The river first flows towards the north- northwest, before he turns to the flow path of about 1 km to the northeast. In the village Zuschen belonging to local situation Crane book the flowing approximately from northwest zoom Berkmecke opens a. Shortly thereafter, the Ahre in Zuschen together with the Bach Sonneborn at about 463 m height the Eder inflow Nuhne.

Nature and Environment

The stream of Ahre leads from the source to the local situation Crane beech by the 35.7 ha and 2008 landscape plan Winterberg designated nature reserve ( NSG) " Ahretalsystem ". According to the local situation Crane book of the creek to the local situation Zuschen located in a conservation area of type C ( green valleys and important extensive grassland ). Here, the soil structure is prohibited, among other cultivations, reforestation and changes.

The Ahretalsystem provides with its headwaters an excellent example of particularly rich in structure means mountain - stream valleys is, in part, with a large area extensively managed grassland in the Bachaue. In hillside areas of the nature reserve prevail rough grazing on the type of species-rich Rotschwingelweide valuable in creek near wetland and wet grassland in front. Many of the meadows in the NSG are extensively grazed by cattle according to the specifications of the cultural landscape care program of Hochsauerlandkreises. The streams in the nature reserve meander largely natural. At the outer edges, sometimes accompanying bach there are many banks and small shrubs and trees and bushes old single bolt. Fall at the headwaters of several small streams, altholz rich beech- spruce stands on in Bach nearby. In the area of ​​" junkers Ahre " and the " pig Johanns Ahre " Bigger younger spruce stands are located in the floodplain which are to be removed to produce the original, continuous grassland use of meandering streams, according to the landscape plan.

Highlight Floristisch is the mass occurrence of wigs Knapweed on extended Magergünland to the "Great Ahre ". With several thousand individuals represents this occurrence one of the largest in North Rhine -Westphalia, this type dar. Overall, the valley system of Ahre an extremely diverse and species-rich vegetation mosaic of wet grassland and rough grazing dar. There occur numerous endangered plant and animal species. The highly legitimate biotope complex montane imprinting is therefore together with the nearby Walsbach, Berkmecke -,- Brembach and Haumecketal, of paramount importance for North Rhine -Westphalia.

Pictures of Ahre