Ahrntal (Italian Ahrntal ) is a municipality with 5940 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012) in South Tyrol (Italy). It includes a rear section of the valley of the Valle Ahrntals. Center of the municipality is Ahrntal Steinhaus ( Italian Cadipietra ).


The community Ahrntal is located in a rear portion of the northern Aurina Valley. The Campo Tures, which is traversed by the river Ahr, branches off from the Pusteria and first runs from the north, then some sand from the north. Accessible all year round transport links, the area from the south through the valley road, which begins in Brunico in Val Pusteria. The valley portion that belongs along with smaller side valleys to the municipality Ahrntal, extending from the Klapf called bottleneck at the border to Campo Tures, until the staple of St. Peter on the border with Prettau that occupies the uppermost part of the Aurina Valley.

The most important village settlements of 187.28 km ² large municipality Ahrntal, all located with the exception Weissbach in the main valley, are from south to north:

  • Luttago (950-1020 m asl ) at the output of Weißenbachtals,
  • Weissbach (1320-1370 m) in the Weißenbachtal, a side valley branching off to the west,
  • St. John called (1000-1030 m), also briefly Ahrn,
  • Steinhaus (1040-1070 m), the main town of the municipality,
  • St. Jakob (1170-1210 m) and

In the north, west and southwest of the town is surrounded by mountains of the Zillertal Alps. Located in the north of the valley bounding main ridge of the Zillertal Alps at the same time forms the border with Austria. Among the most important mountains there on the municipality include the Turner Kamp ( 3418 m), the horn tips, the Black Stone ( 3369 m), the Great Löffler ( 3379 m), the Wollbachspitze ( 3210 m) and the Napfspitze ( 3144 m). The mountain range in the west and southwest, including the Speikboden massif, the communities Ahrntal and Muehlwald separates Mühlwalder valley. In the southeast, part of the Venedigergruppe Durreck Range borders with the Durreck ( 3135 m) as the most important summit, the municipality of Valle Reintal with the town of Riva di Tures from. Large parts of the Durreck Range are provided as part of the natural park Rieser Ahrn under protection.


The community Ahrntal ( Comune Ahrntal ) was founded in 1929 by a royal decree from the small communities Luttago, St. John, St. James, St. Peter and Prettau headquartered in stone house. 1957 Prettau was spun off and has since formed a separate municipality.


  • South Tyrol Museum of Mining, Kornkasten stone house and show mine Prettau with climate gallery
  • Kichler Mineral Museum in St. Johann
  • Krippenmuseum Maranatha in Luttago
  • Oberkofler Museum in St. Johann
  • Plattersäge in St. Johann
  • Nature Park office in Prettau

Economy and infrastructure


The most important industry with 5,400 beds and more than 430,000 overnight stays per year of tourism. In the summer, cycling, climbing and hiking opportunities await you in Rieserferner Ahrn, as well as challenging climbers offer plenty of the numerous peaks of the surrounding mountain ranges possibilities ( a crossing of the northern and north-eastern mountains and transitions leads mountaineers to Austria to previous times increasingly also being used by smugglers ); in the winter you have the ski areas Klausenberg and Speikboden a well as numerous cross-country trails, toboggan runs, ski touring or hiking. Also, the Plan de Corones is obvious. For the adventure tourism, the Western Horse Ranch in Luttago and Schwarzbachalm above Luttago with high ropes course and nature adventure playground are available. Major tourist attractions include the mineral museum in stone house, the Mining Museum in stone house and the Nativity Museum in Luttago.


Each fraction of the municipality has its own kindergarten and a private elementary school. The German -language secondary school located in St. Johann. The school district includes municipality Ahrntal Ahrntal and the community Prettau. The headquarters of the Public Library of community Ahrntal is also located in St. Johann.


In the municipal elections of 2010 sat Gebhard Helmut clip from the South Tyrolean People's Party with 56.2 percent against its competitors Martin Hofer ( South Tyrolean Freedom) and Johan Josef Auer ( The Freedom Party ) in the first round of voting by. In council the South Tyrolean People's Party 12, the South Tyrolean Freedom sends 6 and The Freedom 2 representatives.

In the community Ahrntal the party South Tyrolean Freedom in elections regularly achieved their best results in South Tyrol.


The Ahrntal is often only as far south tyrol " Toul " ( German to easy "valley" or " valley " ), while they call the inhabitants of the Ahr valley " Tölderer " ( in dialect " Teldra ").

Unique in Ahrntal is the fact that there are here more than 50 cultivated pastures (many of them even in winter ) and the valley is surrounded by over 80 three thousand meter peaks.


  • Bruno clip ( * 1938 ), theologian, author and publisher
  • Karin Knapp ( * 1987), tennis player
  • Norbert Niederkofler (* 1961), star chef
  • Oberhollenzers Josef (* 1955), Author
  • Johann Baptist Oberkofler (1895-1969), priest and painter
  • Joseph Georg Oberkofler (1889-1962), lawyer and author

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