Ahuachapán Department

Ahuachapán is one of 14 departments in El Salvador. The capital of the department is the city of Ahuachapán.


The department Ahuachapán located in the extreme west of the country on the border with Guatemala; the Río Paz forms the border. The country's capital, San Salvador, is approximately 100 km ( driving distance ) away.


The department was founded on February 9, 1869 during the tenure of Francisco Dueñas, the first President of El Salvador.


Main economic factors in Ahuachapán are the cultivation of coffee, beans and sugar cane. In the administrative area there is also a geothermal power plant and two smaller hydropower plants. On the beaches of the Pacific coast, tourism plays a rather insignificant role.


The department Ahuachapán is in turn divided into twelve Municipalities:

  • Ahuachapán
  • Apaneca
  • Atiquizaya
  • Concepción de Ataco
  • El Refugio
  • Guaymango
  • Jujutla
  • San Francisco Menéndez
  • San Lorenzo
  • San Pedro Puxtla
  • Tacuba
  • Turín


  • The Pre-Columbian city Cara Sucia located in the southwest of the department and is the Cotzumalhuapa culture assigned.
  • The wooded, created in 1989, El Imposible National Park Parque Nacional is located about 20 km northeast of Cara Sucia.
  • Some colonial time churches are also of cultural and historical significance.