Ai Yori Aoshi

Ai Yori Aoshi (Japanese藍より青し, dt " Bluer than Indigo" ) is a manga series of the Japanese signatory Kō Fumizuki. The more than 3,000 -page manga, which can be the His - assign genre and was published in 1998 and 2005, was made into two anime series and implemented as computer games.


The single student Kaoru Hanabishi (花 菱 薫) scores from years on his fiancee Aoi Sakuraba (桜 庭 葵), whose family owns a Depato. Kaoru was born as an illegitimate child in the Hanabishi Zaibatsu family. After the death of his father, his mother was violated and he brought up from frequent beatings from his grandfather, the family patriarch. When his mother died, gave him nothing more at the Hanabishis and he left the family.

Aoi, who asks him to return to the Hanabishis so that a marriage of the two again befitting and so is acceptable for Aoi's family, he holds for an initial lure of Hanabishis. This misunderstanding but is soon dispelled, and Aoi pulls in with his student apartment, where she learns of his hard childhood. When Aoi's governess Miyabi Kagurazaki (神 楽 崎 雅) and Aoi's mother ask her to forget this unstandesgemäße Engagement, contradicts Aoi, otherwise a perfect Yamato Nadeshiko them for the first time. However, you can convince them to move to a villa of Sakuraba, with Kaoru, however, to avoid a scandal, to live as a tenant in the house workers and Aoi must pretend to be his landlady.

In the course draw Kaoru's club -mates, the half -American Tina Foster (ティナ·フォスター) and the clumsy Taeko Minazuki (水 无 月 妙 子), who are looking for an apartment, with a, the latter as a maid. As a result, it is difficult, however, designed for both to deepen their relationship, which later with the emergence of Mayu Ayuki (美幸 茧) and the collection of Taekos cousin Chika Minazuki (水無月 ちか) is more complicated.


Ai Yori Aoshi was published from 1998 to August 2005 in individual chapters in the Japanese manga magazine Young Animal, in which at the same time Kentaro Miura's Berserk, among other things, and Katsu Aki's Manga Love Story was published. The Hakusensha publishing summed up this single chapter from May 1999 also in anthologies together, of which a total of seventeen published.

The manga was also released in the United States, the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, North America, Spain, Mexico, France and Germany. Egmont Manga & Anime brought out the German -language version of the seventeen volumes.



A comprehensive 24 episodes anime series based on the manga was animated by Studio JCStaff. Directed by Masami Shimoda, the script after the manga wrote Ken'ichi Kanemaki. The television series was from April 11 to September 26, 2002 shortly after midnight (and thus on the previous TV day ) erstausgestrahlt on Fuji TV.

Ai Yori Aoshi Under the title - Enishi (藍より青し~ ~縁, dt " Bluer than Indigo - Love Connection" ) was followed by a sequel to the first anime series. This consists of twelve episodes. This also preview named Miyuki was produced in the Kaoru the "Santa Claus " in the form of Aoi appears. The staff remained largely the same. This series was published as the first in North America and France on DVD. This was until December 28, also aired on 12 October 2003, shortly after midnight on TV Saitama, with a day time offset on TV Kanagawa, and again a day later on Chiba TV.

However, both anime cover only the action of the first 1-2 years of the manga.


For the first season was as biasing Towa no Hana (永遠 の 花, dt " Flower of Eternity " ) of Yōko Ishida used. For the credits were Namo Shirenu Hana (名 も 知れ ぬ 花, dt " the flower without a name " ) of the indigo used for Episode 15 Akai Hana (朱い花, dt " red flower " ) of the indigo, for Episode 18 I'll Be Home Satsuki Yukino, the voice actress Tina Foster, and for episode 24 Towa no Hana by Ishida Yōko.

For Ai Yori Aoshi - Enishi ( " treasure "たからもの, dt ) of Yōko Ishida was as biasing Takaramono used. For the guy was I Do! of the Indigo, used for episode 9 Presence of the indigo and for episode 12 Towa no Hana by Ishida Yōko.


Computer game

2003 was a realization as Adventure for the PlayStation 2 Ai yori Aoshi Later followed - Haru- Natsu (藍より青し~ ~春夏, dt " Bluer than Indigo - Spring and Summer" ) and Ai yori Aoshi: Aki- Fuyu (藍より青し~ ~秋冬, dt " Bluer than Indigo - Autumn and Winter" ) for the PC.


The title derives from a line of a poem by the Chinese philosopher Xunzi. It says Ao wa Ai yori yori Aoshi Ai Idete (青は藍より出でて藍より青しor Chinese青出于蓝 而 胜于 蓝, Pinyin Qīng chū yú lán ér Shengyu lán ).