Aída Bortnik

Aída Bortnik ( born January 7, 1938 in Buenos Aires, † April 27, 2013 ibid ) was an Argentine writer and novelist.


Aída Bortnik was born in 1938 as the daughter of Ukrainian immigrants in Buenos Aires. At 20 she began to both law to study and theater to finance as a lawyer her passion as an actress can. She worked as a journalist for several years thereafter. After she had written in 1971 for the first time as a screenwriter television film Sebastián y su amigo el artista, they adapted later Mario Benedetti's novel La tregua to the movie The truce, which in 1975 was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. However, they landed in 1975 on a blacklist, so it was forbidden it to exercise both her ​​film career as well as their journalism. When she was still haunted by Perón's military dictatorship, they fled first to France and then to Spain, where she lived for several years.

However, she stopped writing not to, and processed their experiences under the military regime and the Dirty War to the script of the official history, for which she was honored with a 1986 Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay.

Last held Bortnik private writing and film analysis courses.


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