Aielli is a municipality with 1448 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012) in the province of L' Aquila in the Abruzzo region. It is located 120 km east of Rome and 61 km southeast of L' Aquila.


Aielli is north of Fucino pool in the countryside on the edge of Mount Marsican SIRENTE. The municipality is part of the Regional Park Sirente - Velino. The municipal area of the district Aielli Stazione heard along the railroad in the plane. Other districts are Sardellino Borgo Borgo and Vicenna. Aielli is a member of the Comunità Montana Valle del Giovenco.

The nearby towns are Celano, Cerchio, Collarmele, Ovindoli and San Benedetto dei Marsi.


Aielli is located near the A25 Autostrada dei Parchi highway, about 20 minutes. from the Celano exit.

Aielli has a station on the railway line Avezzano - Sulmona.


Aielli was first mentioned in 1280 as Agellum.


Source: ISTAT


Giuseppe Di Natale ( civil list) was elected in June 2004 to the mayor.