Aimee Mann

Aimee Mann ( born September 8, 1960 in Richmond, Virginia) is an American singer-songwriter, bassist and guitarist; since 1997 she has been married to musician Michael Penn.

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In 1983 she was co-founder of the new wave band ' Til Tuesday, with their first album, Voices Carry generated in 1985 a modest success. They received a Grammy in the category "best newcomer ".

Aimee Mann also joined in 1987 with Rush as a background singer for the song Time Stand Still on and can be seen in the accompanying music video. From ' Til Tuesday released two more albums. In 1990, the band broke up.

Appeared in 1993 Aimee Mann's first solo album, Whatever, that was not very successful commercially, but received rave reviews and paved the way for the next work I'm With Stupid (1995). Again, the reviews were better than the sales figures. In 1998, Aimee Mann a cameo appearance as a German nihilist in the movie The Big Lebowski.

Greater success Aimee Mann was brought when she contributed eight songs to the soundtrack of the 1999 film Magnolia, including the Oscar -nominated song Save Me, the. Likewise on their plate Bachelor No. 2 or, the Last Remains of the Dodo appeared. The author and director Paul Thomas Anderson claimed to have shot with Magnolia an adaptation of songs by Aimee Mann.

That same year, Aimee Mann broke because of the restrictive artistic influence by their record company to working with these and founded her own label SuperEgo Records. Also, by direct sales of their work through their website went the musician new ways. Appeared in 2000 Bachelor No.. 2 or, the Last Remains of the Dodo in SuperEgo Records, followed in 2002 by the album Lost In Space, which was re-released in 2004 as a "Special Edition" and now a second CD with six live recordings, two B-sides and two previously unreleased songs contained.

With Live at St. Ann 's Warehouse was released in November 2004 on DVD and CD recording of concerts, the Aimee Mann had given in July 2004 in Brooklyn. In May 2005, she released the concept album The Forgotten Arm. The songs tell the story of a couple starting with the first meeting to the common road trip.

In October 2006, her Christmas album One More Drifter in the Snow appeared. It contains mostly cover versions of popular titles, but also two of his own songs. The so far last studio album, @ # % & *! Smilers was released on 6 June 2008. Aimee Mann in 2011 had a guest appearance in the comedy series Portlandia. She plays herself as a cleaner of a Portland, Oregon couple. ( Episode 3 " Aimee ", Season 1 ).

Aimee Mann is a founding member of United Musicians, a group of musicians who work to ensure that every artist is to remain in his works in the possession of the copyright.


With The Young Snakes

  • Bark Along With The Young Snakes (1982 )

With ' Til Tuesday

  • Voices Carry ( 1985)
  • Welcome Home (1986 )
  • Everything's Different Now (1988 )


  • Whatever (1993 )
  • I'm With Stupid (1995 )
  • Magnolia ( album ) ( original soundtrack to the film Magnolia ) (1999 )
  • Bachelor No.. 2 or, the Last Remains of the Dodo (2000)
  • The Forgotten Arm (2005)
  • One More Drifter in the Snow (2006)
  • @ # % & *! Smilers (2008)
  • Charmer (2012 )

List of cover versions

  • Two of Us ( Beatles ), along with Michael Penn, appeared in the soundtrack for the film I Am Sam.
  • Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds ( The Beatles ), also from the soundtrack to the film I Am Sam.
  • One ( Harry Nilsson ) on "For The Love Of Harry: Everybody Sings Nilsson " In 1995, the soundtrack to Magnolia.
  • Reason to Believe ( Bruce Springsteen ), along with Michael Penn.
  • Nobody Does It Better ( Carly Simon ) as a contribution to a collection of James Bond cover versions by David Arnold.
  • I Just Was not Made For This Times ( Beach Boys), along with Michael Penn, on the DVD " An All- Star Tribute To Brian Wilson ", 2001.
  • Shed a Little Light ( James Taylor), in the episode " College Kids" of the television series The West Wing - The West Wing, 2002.
  • Sweet Home Alabama ( Lynyrd Skynyrd ), was played on only a few concerts of the 2004 tour in the USA.

By other artists

  • " Stupid Thing" (Whatever): Flying Pickets on Vox Pop, ( 1998) as a cappella version
  • " That's Just What You Are" ( I'm With Stupid ): Bonnie Pink on Reminiscence, (2005)