Air Atlanta Icelandic

Air Atlanta Icelandic is an Icelandic airline based in Reykjavík.


The airline was founded on 10 February 1986 by Captain Arngrímur Jóhannsson and his wife Þóra Guðmundsdóttir. The first order for Air Atlanta was the leasing of a Boeing 707 at Caribbean Airways. Today, the airline is owned by the Hf Eimskipafelag Íslands, an Icelandic investment company. Beginning of 2005 also took over the Icelandic airline Iceland Air Atlanta Icelandic Air.


Air Atlanta Icelandic offers its cargo and passenger aircraft to the leasing and as a charter and other airlines into its own name did not operate.


As of June 2013 the fleet of Air Atlantia Icelandic consists of 21 aircraft

  • 01 Airbus A340 -300 ( operated for Air Madagascar )
  • 01 Boeing 747-300 ( decommissioned)
  • 11 Boeing 747-400 (9 operated for Saudia, 2 decommissioned)
  • 02 Airbus A300- 600F ( decommissioned)
  • 02 Boeing 747- 200F ( decommissioned)
  • 04 Boeing 747- 400F ( operated for Saudia )