Air Corridor

Air Corridor was a Mozambican airline based in Nampula, where they also had their home base on the Nampula airport.


The airline was founded in 2004 and took in August of the same year, flight operations on a Boeing 737. Air Corridor was completely privately owned. For security reasons, it was strictly prohibited until February 2007 members of the government of the United States to fly with this airline. Since 2008, Air Corridor operates no more air service, as all planes in Johannesburg have been shut down because of safety problems. The responsible for the repair company Aero Nexus told the Mozambican Civil Aviation Authority that the airline has no record of routine maintenance. Air Corridor should be flown again in February 2008, but this did not happen. Furthermore, the managers are pulled from Mozambique.


Air Corridor flew from Nampula to exclusively national goals.


(As of March 2008)