Air Defense Anti-Tank System

ADATS is a mobile, all-weather short-range missile system that can combat both air and ground targets. ADATS stands for Air Defense and Anti- tank system.


In the early 1980s began in Switzerland, Oerlikon - Contraves for the armaments company with the development of the system. The development of the missile took place in Group Martin Marietta in the United States. The system reached the production stage in 1988. ADATS was at entry into the world's first guided missile system that could fight both ground and air targets.

ADATS was selected by the U.S. Army to procure and got there the provisional type designation XMIM -146 ADATS. Beginning of the 1990s was stopped with the end of the Cold War, the procurement.


The system consists of a compact turret, a sensor unit with a radar installation as well as 2 × 4 launcher tubes for missiles. The entire system can be installed in various vehicles such as the M113 and M3 Bradley. Also, there is a variant, which is installed in a container complex. The target acquisition and tracking can be fitted with radar, TV, infrared ( FLIR ) or can occur intensifier. The missile guidance is encoded by a CO2 laser, which is organized by the ground station to the rear of the missile. Through its coding the missile can determine their position relative to the laser beam center and make any necessary corrections. The line of sight of the target tracking device is to hit the target with the Laserleitstrahl kept under cover, respectively accommodated.

When ground -to-air use, it is suitable for combat fighter aircraft, helicopters and cruise missiles. When ground - to-ground missions battle tanks and other vehicles as well bunkered positions can be controlled. In the control of battle tanks, the missiles have a penetrating power of 900 mm of armor steel.


The ADATS was offered in Switzerland and the USA to purchase. Of the two states the system was tested. Ultimately, however, procured neither of the two states the system. Exports went to the following countries:

  • Canada Canada 36 systems
  • Thailand Thailand 2 systems
  • United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates 15 systems


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