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Air Dolomiti, actually AIR DOLOMITISTARS L.A.R.E. SpA, is an Italian regional airline based in Verona. It is a 100 percent subsidiary of Deutsche Lufthansa AG and part of the Lufthansa Regional network and maintains its home base in Verona as well as a hub in Munich.


Air Dolomiti was established in 1987 by the iron and steel group Gruppo Leali in Trieste, her name is derived from the Dolomites. In January 1991, the airline began with a Bombardier Dash 8Q -300 regional flights from Trieste to Genoa and 1992 international flights from Verona, Venice and Bari to Munich, Lugano and Barcelona. 1994 replace five ATR 42-300, the three Dash 8 and cooperation agreement with Lufthansa and Crossair were closed. In autumn 1995, the first ATR 42-500, 1998 came the first ATR 72 and later with the Fokker 100, the first jet to the fleet.

In September 1999, Lufthansa acquired 26 percent of the share capital of the Company, in June 2001 following the IPO and in April 2003 the Lufthansa stopped its share to 51.9 first, in November 2003, then to 100 percent, so Air Dolomiti part of the Lufthansa Group was.

In April 2004, Air Dolomiti ATR 72-500 and received her first on 27 January 2009 its first Embraer 195, the BAe 146-300 in the meantime employed replaced. In December 2012, it was reported that Air Dolomiti plan to replace the hitherto eleven ATR 72-500 by another five Embraer 195.

In May 2013 Air Dolomiti presented with the route Verona Vienna their only connection to Austria. Flights to Switzerland were already abandoned before. In March 2014 followed by the final route to Frankfurt am Main. The reason for this, and for the gradual adjustment of some other routes and, ultimately concentrating on the location of Munich is the retirement of turboprops within the Lufthansa Group.

On October 26, 2013 Air Dolomiti ultimately led between Munich and Trieste through her ​​last flight on a turboprop. The remaining ATR 72-500 were retired.


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The route network of Air Dolomiti is aligned with the deletion of most of deviating routes such as Bergamo- Moscow on the connection of the hub of Lufthansa in Munich with numerous Italian cities. Here, some routes are marketed under their own name, while others are performed as part of Lufthansa Regional:

  • From Frankfurt am Main to Verona (received on March 29, 2014 [deprecated ] is set )
  • From Munich to Bari, Florence, Venice and Verona, and also seasonal to Crotone and Kavala


As of March 2014, the fleet of Air Dolomiti consists of 10 planes with an average age of six years:

All aircraft of the company are named in homage to the city of Verona and its ancient amphitheater Arena di Verona opera famous Italian composers. Thus, the Embraer 195 I- ADJL is even the name of Nabucco di Giuseppe Verdi.


  • On May 17, 2012 it came to the Munich airport to make an emergency landing of an ATR 72-500 Air Dolomiti. Shortly after the start at 13:34 local clock to smoke had formed in the cabin of the aircraft, just before the therefore necessary landing in Munich again it came to engine problems. After the machine had sat, she came off the runway from, skidded 90 feet above the meadow and came 20 yards from the fence of the airport to a stop. The 62 people on board, including four crew members were able to leave the aircraft on their own. Five passengers were slightly injured, some complained of circulatory problems and were medically treated. The affected runway had one hours are completely locked, and there were delays, diversions and 20 more flight cancellations. The evaluation of the Federal Bureau of Aircraft Accident Investigation is expected to take at least a year.