Air Europe (Italy)

Air Europe was an Italian airline, which began operations in 1989. Air Europe was temporarily also the Italian airline Volare Airlines.


Air Europe was founded in 1983 under the name Flying Services as a regional airline. In June 1989, the British airline Air Europe acquired a 35% stake in the company and integrated it into the Airlines of Europe Group, an association of airlines where the British Air Europe had investments. The main shareholder of the Italian society was the automotive group Fiat SpA. Operating recording under the name Air Europe took place December 19, 1989 with two Boeing 757

Air Europe was until 2004 the most successful Italian charter airline in the long-haul segment. Due to the financial crisis at the parent company Volare Group Air Europe had to stop the end of 2004 the flight operation and sale of a large part of the fleet. In summer 2005, the operations with two Boeing 767 could be resumed. In July 2007, further comprising a Boeing 757 leased from Finnair. Air Europe flew from Milan Malpensa to Mexico ( Cancun ), Cuba (Havana ), Jamaica ( Montego Bay), Brazil ( Fortaleza, Natal), Mauritius, Sri Lanka ( Colombo) and the Maldives. In December 2008, the airline operating the flight repeatedly.


(As of December 2008)