Air Force 1 (shoe)

The Air Force 1 is a basketball shoe sporting goods manufacturer Nike. He was transferred in 1982 to the market and he was known primarily as street style shoe in the hip- hop scene. In total, over 1,700 units have been designed in innumerable different color and material combinations in the last 25 years.

Origin / history

In 1979, Nike Tailwind with his first running shoe with air technology on the market. This one with a mixture of noble gases ( not, as often wrongly assumed only air) filled layer has been integrated into the sole of the shoes to reduce the resulting loads while running. Once this technology is proven, Nike began to customize the shoe design to the specific needs of other sports. Basketball offered here due to its high popularity connected to the here for the athletes incurred, enormous physical strain while jumping on.

In 1982, the Air Force 1 on the market. He was the first basketball shoe, which included the Nike Air technology. Originally, the Air Force 1 was designed for players like Moses Malone and Jeff Ruland, but he was also worn by other basketball legends.

After the expiration of the first production wave of the Air Force 1 1984, the perception of Nike customers suddenly changed. The demand for the basketball sneaker rose. Three retailers from Baltimore - "Downtown Locker Room", "Cinderella Shoes ", " Charley Rudo 's Sports " - Nike could finally move to launch an entirely new series in different color designs. Although initially the market demand is mainly concentrated on the east coast of the United States, the popularity of the Air Force 1 grew steadily. Above all, the hip- hop community discovered it for himself and made ​​him popular.

First there was the Air Force 1 just as high and low version. Later came the mid to do so.


It was designed by the Air Force 1, Bruce Kilgore. As a former designer and sculptor came Kilgore 1979 Nike, the same year when Nike introduced the Air technology. In addition to the Air Force 1 Kilgore also has the Air Jordan II, the Air 180 and the Sock Racer developed.


  • 2002 devoted to the U.S. rapper Nelly, along with Kyjuan, Murphy Lee and Ali, the Air Force One ( s ) a track on his album of the same name Nelly Ville.
  • The German rapper Kool Savas and Jan Delay devoted this shoe a song. The song by Kool Savas presented available for download. The song Jan Delay is under the name of Boba Frich - available King Nike Air on the Eimsbush Style League Vol.1.
  • 2007 "Classic ( Better Than I've Ever Been )" was exclusive to the 25th Anniversary of the sneakers, the song commissioned. For Nike hired the rapper Kanye West, Nas, KRS -One and Rakim. The Nike Air Force 1 remix was produced by DJ Premier.
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