Air Iceland

Air Iceland (Icelandic: Flugfélag Íslands ) is an intra - Icelandic airline based in Reykjavík and based on the Reykjavik airport. The airline is a subsidiary of Icelandair Group, the largest part of society is the airline Icelandair.


The airline was originally founded as Norðurflug in Akureyri from Tryggvi Helgason and renamed on 1 May 1975 in Flugfélag Norðurlands. A further reorganization and merger of Icelandair Domestic and Norlandair ( Flugfélag Norðurlands ) gave its present name in 1997.


Air Iceland flies to destinations within the country of Iceland and Greenland, and also the Faroe Islands.


As of January 2013, the fleet of Air Iceland consists of eight aircraft