Air Liquide


  • Benoît Potier (CEO and Chairman )

Air Liquide S. A. [ ɛʁ li'ki: d] (French liquid air ) is the world leader in gases for industry, health and the environment. The company is a French manufacturer of industrial gases and related services provider for medicine and the majority of industries, such as chemicals, cars and electronics. The company is based in Paris. Air Liquide employs 46,200 employees worldwide in 80 countries. The annual turnover in 2011 was 14.5 billion euros, the net income amounted to 1.6 billion euros. Air Liquide has 410,000 individual shareholders holding 37 % of the capital. 42% non-French institutional investors, 21 % are French institutional investors.


In 1902, Georges Claude and Paul Delorme a process for the liquefaction and separation of air and founded Air Liquide. The first President was Paul Delorme. In 1906 the company began to expand internationally, first to Belgium and Italy, then to Canada, Japan and Hong Kong. In 1913, Air Liquide went to the Paris Stock Exchange. After the Second World War, the second president Jean Delorme devoted to the reconstruction, modernization and development of the industrial plants. In 1957 the company began large-scale industrial activities and established pipeline networks worldwide to supply large industrial areas. Starting in 1963, the company began with the first space activities. In 1986, Air Liquide expanded the business in the U.S. by purchasing the company 's Big Three and establishment of additional offices in many European and Asian countries. In 1995, the subsidiary Air Liquide Santé was founded, which focuses on the medical sector. This includes mainly medical gases and services. In 2001, Air Liquide, AGA Austria and the business of Messer Griesheim in South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Canada, Egypt, Argentina and Brazil. The establishment of a joint venture with BOC in Japan (Japan Air Gases, JAG ) in 2003 served to increase its presence in the markets in the Far East. The following year the business of Messer Griesheim in Germany, Great Britain and the United States was adopted. Air Liquide operates in over 70 countries worldwide. 2007 Lurgi has been adopted, which was previously a subsidiary of the Bochum-based GEA Group. The price for the Plant Group totaled EUR 200 million and other costs of pension provisions.

Business Model

Gas wholesale customers and consumers of energy solutions in major industries ( chemical, petrochemical, refinery, metal processing ) are supplied via pipelines. Air Liquide has the largest network in the world of almost 8200 kilometers in length.

Insert craft enterprises, SMEs and industry, the gas in small and medium quantities in very different industries (eg, food, heat treatment of metals, glass industry or Schweißereifachbetrieben ) are supplied in liquid form or gas bottles and stored or their products are directly on the grounds of customers generated.

Air Liquide supplies the semiconductor manufacturer in the electronics industry with very high purity and industrial gases with liquid chemicals and filling equipment for these liquids.

In the field of medical gases the care of patients is done to home by stores like Vital Aire and Orkyn. This secure a supply of oxygen and adequate equipment and coordination with the patient, the doctor, the nurse and the administration. At the hospital, Air Liquide takes over the supply of medical oxygen and other gases, including the anesthetic nitrous oxide. The group also supports hygiene and disinfection measures, through their branches Anios (France) and Schulke & Mayr ( Germany ) and for the sterilization of surgical instruments, thanks to the know - how of its branch Omasa.

Complementary competencies in the following areas:

  • Specialty chemicals
  • Diving: The Air Liquide owned diving equipment La Spirotechnique (now Aqualung ) had until the end of the term of the patent on the regulator.

The Messer Group, Linde AG, Praxair and Air Products & Chemicals are competitors of Air Liquide.

With the purchase of listed LVL Medical Group was also the self-proclaimed biggest nursing services and the largest provider of outpatient intensive care in Germany, the company Bonitas from Herford acquired in 2012.


Board of Directors: Benoît Potier ( Chairman and CEO ), Pierre Dufour (Senior Executive Vice-President ), Jean -Pierre Duprieu ( Senior Vice-President )

Stock market data

Air Liquide is listed on the Euro Next Paris Stock Exchange and is one of the French stock market index CAC40 on. 93.8 % of the shares are in free float; At 2.1%, CDC is the largest single shareholder, CNP Assurances holds 1.2%, Ecureuil Vie 0.7 %, and the AXA Group 0.5 % of the share capital.


Air Liquide Germany was one of the sponsoring partner of Ruhr.2010. The opening ceremony at the Zeche Zollverein was promoted to the "Soap Opera " by products and labor, the project Schachtzeichen was supported in Gasfülllung of balloons, a technical equipment and safety training.