Air Malawi

Air Malawi was the national airline of Malawi based in Blantyre and Lilongwe base on the airport.


As early as 1963 it was decided the establishment of Air Malawi and Air Rhodesia and Zambia Airways as a subsidiary of Central African Airways (CAA ) in the course of the dissolution of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. Air Malawi took two Douglas DC -3 and three DHC- 2 Beaver from the holdings of the CAA flight operations. The five Vickers Viscount remained with the parent company, but operate on behalf of the three subsidiaries as required. With the unilateral declaration of independence of Southern Rhodesia 1965, the end of the Central African Airways began. February 4, 1966 it was the CAA banned in Kenya, Tanzania or Uganda to fly or to use their airspace. This broke off the wiring carried out by the CAA on behalf of Air Malawi. In 1967, the current Air Malawi was established as an independent successor company.

In 1972, Vickers Viscount were then replaced by BAC 1-11. From 1974, also London -Gatwick was served. After several individual changes to the existing fleet in 1991, a Boeing 737, an ATR were 42 and 1993, a Dornier Do 228 bought to modernize the air traffic. In 2006, then a further 737 bought for the fleet to complete.

On 18 November 2012, the airline announced bankruptcy to eliminate debt so that the company can be more easily privatized. The flight was closed down on 13 February 2013. Furthermore, it was to this date, 90 % of the workforce, 243 employees terminated. With the help of Ethiopian Airlines, which took a 49 % stake in the company in 2013, is Air Malawi to resume flight operations again in 2013. The Government of Malawi has yet to 20% stake in the airline.


Air Malawi operated mainly targets in southern Africa, including Johannesburg, Lusaka, Dar es Salaam and Harare.


Until the termination of flight operations on February 13, 2013 Air Malawi had last a Boeing 737-200.