Air Moldova

Air Moldova is a Moldavian airline based in Chişinău and based on the Chisinau airport.


Today's Air Moldova was founded on 12 January 1993 Präsidialbeschluss. First flights were however made ​​by Moldovan companies in 1944. On 13 July 2004, the Air Moldova IATA member. 2008, about 402,000 passengers were transported. This represents an increase of 19% over 2007.


Air Moldova from Chisinau operated from various European destinations such as Athens, Bucharest, Frankfurt, Moscow, Paris and Vienna. Long-haul flights are not offered.


As of June 2013 the fleet of five aircraft from Air Moldova is with a mean age of 8.4 years:

  • 2 Airbus A320 -200
  • 1 Embraer EMB 120 ( operated by Tandem Aero)
  • 2 Embraer 190


  • On 27 August 1996 a crashed Antonov An-2 Air Moldova.