Air Onix

Air Onix (Ukrainian Ейр Онікс, Russian Эйр Оникс ) is a Ukrainian airline based in Simferopol and based on the Simferopol airport. The air operator's certificate was revoked by the Ukrainian aviation authority on 28 December, 2013, the company wants to resume the operation but.


On April 28, 2012 Air Onix took to the connecting Simferopol - Kiev on regular flight operations.

In November 2013 it was announced that the lessor ILFC has brought back two Boeing 737 of Air Onix what part this has led to some flight cancellations.

In mid-December 2013, the Company has been suspended by IATA and no tickets can sell until further more about the current reservation systems. Beginning of 2014, the operating license of the Company by the Ukrainian supervisory authority was finally suspended.


Onix Air flies to especially holiday destinations in the Mediterranean, the Caucasus, as well as some goals in Slovakia and Russia.


As of November 2013, the fleet of Air Onix consists of three planes: