Air Panama

Air Panama International was a national airline of Panama. The company was located at the Tocumen Airport in Panama City.


Air Panama International was founded in 1967 with the support of the Spanish airline Iberia. The flight operations began in August 1967, a Douglas DC -9- 15, which is leased by the manufacturer. The aircraft operated the routes from Panama City to Mexico City, Miami, Bogotá, Caracas, Lima and Guayaquil. In November 1972, a Boeing 727-100 was acquired by the Japan Air Lines, replacing the DC-9. Following the acquisition of two additional Boeing 727-100 in 1973 Guatemala City was incorporated as a new target in the flight plan. In the early 1980s, the aged fleet should be replaced with new aircraft. The German charter airline Jetair showed interest in buying the three Boeing 727-100, but took in May 1984 just a machine from. The economic situation of Air Panama made ​​the acquisition of new aircraft impossible. The planned for 1985 buying a used McDonnell Douglas DC-10 from the collections of the American Northwest Airlines could not be financed. Instead, they hired when needed, especially for the route to Miami, additional aircraft from U.S. airlines. The desolate financial situation led to the discontinuation of flight operations on 2 December 1990. The route rights acquired Copa Airlines. On 11 July 1991, the company was renamed to Panama Air International. The planned resumption of flight operations in the summer of 1992 with a leased Boeing 757 could not be realized.

Air Panama

Since early 2006, operates the regional airline Turismo Aero (formerly Parsa SA) under the name Air Panama. The airline operates a innerpanamesisches route network and maintains an international scheduled flights to San José (Costa Rica).

Aircraft Panama (Panama Air)

The business charter company Panama Aircraft not a part of Air Panama, but is a UK subsidiary of a holding company Global Aviation Syndicate Ltd.. ( GAS ), headquartered in London, where the Globalstar Investors Panama is involved.

Used aircraft

  • Boeing 727-100
  • Boeing 727-200
  • Douglas DC 9-15
  • Former airline ( Panama)
  • Panamá Province