Air-sea rescue

As an air -assisted water rescue or air -assisted and air sea rescue rescue or air ambulance is called a special form of use of the water rescue. This lifeguard or water rescuers are flown by helicopter to the area and can quickly crashed save people from water hazard.


When Wasserwacht air rescue group is a specialist group of the water rescue train and consists of a squad leader and four water rescue air rescuers. When required, they occupy helicopter of the Bundeswehr, the police or the federal police, providing easy access to the job site. 2005, a working group was established. Participants include the fire departments, the German Life Saving Society ( DLRG ) and water rescue. All over Germany locations are now assigned to the auxiliary organization ions. By DLRG two bases, and the bases are cared for in NRW and Hesse in northern Germany. The units operate in case of need nationwide.


The primary role of air-assisted water recovery is the rapid evacuation of affected people from water hazard, such as a flood. In addition, they still support the other sub-units of the water rescue train.

The Federal Ministry of the Interior has, by decree after the Elbe flood has a co-operation by the service of the Federal Police with the water rescue from different organizations ( water rescue, DLRG, fire brigade). This is really " heliborne Water Rescue " and not called " air-assisted water rescue ." Regular training is specially trained to a fixed number of helpers in cooperation with the various squadrons of the Federal Police to in case of need, for example, in flood situations and disaster control used primarily to rescue people to become. There are different scenarios, such as the emergency services can be used. Thus, various processes are carried out to the rescue of running waters. In addition, it is also intended to depose forces on trapped water from buildings to save people or to take care of business paramedical and care for them. This is because of supply and standby times not to fast emergency measures eg in drowning accidents.

The terms " air Savior" and " air rescue unit" are misleading because they are occupied in the German air rescue with other content, but they are used specifically in the water rescue Bavaria.


After the flood of the century at the same lifeguard Bavaria and the air transport squadron 61 der Bundeswehr A working group was formed in autumn 2002 air rescue in cooperation. The first result of this working group was to develop a training plan for the air saver. Since late 2005 air rescue units are trained by the German Life Saving Society ( DLRG ).


Meanwhile, the training for air saver is an additional qualification for trained water rescuer. She is nationally standardized and carried out jointly by the participating organizations. This training is divided into four sections.