Air Transat

Air Transat A.T. Inc. is a Canadian airline based in Montreal and based on the Montréal- Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. It is a subsidiary of the tour operator Transat.


Air Transat was founded by former employees of Quebecair in December 1986. The first flight was just performed a year later on 14 November 1987 by Montreal to Acapulco. In 1993 she took over the maintenance base and machinery of the insolvent Nationair. Transat is working with several companies, such as Transat Holidays, Nolitours, Jonview Canada that are owned by TDC ( Transat Distribution Canada), together. TDC specializes in organization, marketing and distribution of city breaks and holiday packages.

Today Air Transat is by Air Canada, Jazz and WestJet Airlines Aviation 's fourth- largest airline of Canada. In June 2011, a new corporate design was presented, which includes not only a slightly modified logo, a new livery of the aircraft. In the autumn of 2011, this painting was modified again.


Air Transat specializes in holiday flights from several Canadian and European airports. In line flight they served 90 destinations in 25 countries. In Germany, only the Frankfurt am Main with the Canadian cities of Toronto, Calgary Airport, and Vancouver is currently connected to. From the Swiss city of Basel flights are offered to Toronto and Montréal. Until 2011, Vienna was connected to Toronto and Montreal via Air Transat.


As of July 2013, the fleet of Air Transat consists of 21 aircraft with an average age of 17.3 years

  • 9 Airbus A310 -300
  • 8 Airbus A330 -200
  • 4 Airbus A330 -300


  • On July 6, 2001, Air Transat Flight 906 ran, a Lockheed L -1011 TriStar with the identifier C FTNA, after starting in Lyon with destination Berlin at about 6,000 meters altitude in a severe hailstorm. That at this time about 29 -year-old plane could land safely with all 208 inmates back in Lyon, but was so badly damaged that it had to be written off as a total loss. In September 2011, the aircraft was still parked at the Lyon airport.
  • On 24 August 2001 succeeded with an Airbus A330 -200 with the registration C- GITS on Air Transat Flight 236 from Toronto to Lisbon, the longest gliding flight of a jet aircraft in aviation history. Due to an undetected leak came from the whole flight on kerosene, which is why over the Atlantic eventually turned out both engines. The machine finally sailed unmotivated with 306 people on board about 19 minutes about 120 km far before she could safely make an emergency landing at the Lajes Field in the Azores. There were no people to harm, this Airbus A330 flies still today for Air Transat.
  • On 6 March 2005 Air Transat flight suffered 961, an Airbus A310 -300 with the registration C- GPAT, on the way from Cuba to Quebec City with nine crew members and 261 passengers on board, a loss of the rudder in flight. The cockpit crew returned safely to Varadero in Cuba back. The investigations showed that the rudder had not been damaged in previous flights, and that the crew had performed no unusual rudder movements, and that the rudder was not moving at the time of failure of the pilot. The subsequent investigation revealed that the specified manufacturer's maintenance procedures were inadequate. Due to this incident, the maintenance rules were tightened for components made ​​of composite materials in the sequence.

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