Airasca is a municipality with 3842 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012) in the Italian province of Turin (TO ), Region Piedmont.

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The town is located 26 km southwest of the provincial capital of Turin and 19 km east from Pinerolo.

Airasca lies in the plane of Pinerolo on the northwestern edge of the Po Valley in an area that is crossed by numerous natural and artificial watercourses. The most important is the Rio Torto, who, a tributary of the Po flows into the Chisola. The area is intensively used for agriculture. However, Airasca developed in recent decades to a commuter town in the metropolitan area of Turin.

The municipality consists of the villages Gabellieri, Cascinette and Vice Dette. The neighboring municipalities are Cumiana, Volvera, None, Piscina and Scalenghe.


Airasca lies on the Strada Regionale SR 23, which connects Turin with the winter sports areas to Sestriere and Cesana Torinese ends shortly before the French border. The driveway None of the A55 Autostrada del Pinerolo motorway, is located 4 km north-east of the town center.

The train station of Airasca on the railway line Turin - Pinerolo -Torre Pellice is 1 km north of the town center. Here branched off a branch line to Saluzzo, which was shut down in 1986.


Airasca was founded by the Prince of Piossasco in the 13th century. The town developed around the central stronghold of Piossasco.

On October 4, 1693, the Battle of Marsaglia was held at Airasca, in which the Savoyard troops of Duke Victor Amadeus II were defeated by the French. As a result, the village was destroyed by French troops under the command of General Catinat.


Source: ISTAT


Giovanni Andreazzoli ( civil list) was elected in June 2009 for the mayor. He replaced Michele Clemente, who clearly defeated him in the election.

Twin Cities

  • Argentina Villa Trinidad in the province of Santa Fe


  • The parish church was built in 1332 Parish of San Bartolomeo was renewed Baroque in the 17th century and 1828 extended. Inside, frescoes found in the 16th and 17th centuries. The Campanile still originates from the original Gothic building.
  • The church of Santo Spirito from the 18th century is a typical construction of the Piedmontese Baroque.
  • The Castello dei Conti Piossasco - Airasca formed the nucleus of origin of the place.
  • Four kilometers north stands the Castello della Marsiglia in 1693 which took place was named after him battle.


For Carnival takes place every year, a large procession of decorated floats from the surrounding communities. The typical figures in the Carnival of Airasca are the Praje ( the responsible for the maintenance of the channels had ) and the Marghera (butter woman).

Community Amenities

The municipality has a kindergarten, a primary school and a secondary school. Furthermore, a pharmacy there.


Airasca is known for its made ​​to a traditional recipe butter.

Personalities with ties to the community

  • The writer Telesio Montesello (1902-2004) lived until his death in Airasca.