An air bag is an inflatable slide carriage which is also called snow airboards or bodyboard.

There are two levers, which the athlete, lying on his stomach and head forward, holding in his hands. At the top of bodyboards There is a reinforced rubber layer with longitudinal grooves on the underside. Directed is by transfer of body weight, slowed by cross points of the board (90 ° to the direction of travel) or slipping the feet.

There are different models for slopes, tours and freestyle. For athletic runs a fabric-reinforced model should be used for safety reasons. In races often TÜV-/GS-geprüfte devices are allowed.

Experienced athletes can groomers speeds reach up to 100 km / hr. Off the slopes, the carriage has advantages over other types because it is going well due to its large sliding surface both in deep snow and on hard snow and even Harsch. When folded, the slides are easily transportable. They weigh about three kilograms and can be stowed in a backpack.

The world speed record is held at the time Laurent Matthey from Geneva: 141.79 km / h was measured in Les Arcs at the Open Gliss 2005 speed.

The spread is so far limited, but growing steadily. Some ski resorts in Switzerland, Austria and Bavaria have already reported air cushion Sled slopes. 2004 was the first time an international competition in Belalp / Switzerland. Meanwhile organize various winter sports resorts, a series of air cushion Sled Events with disciplines such as boardercross, Speed ​​Race, Ratrace, Team Race, and others.

When driving, you should wear a helmet and protective gear ( knee pads, back protector ).