Airport apron

The apron ( engl. ramp or apron ) is used to controlled and uncontrolled aerodromes severance, marshalling, storage and maintenance area for aircraft. The apron is located in the security area and is therefore accessible only to authorized persons.

The terms Ramp and Apron are often used interchangeably, but are to differentiate the specific aviation parlance.


Ramp referred to in general ( approximately equivalent to the commonly used in warehouse management German term loading dock ) the geographical areas in which the flight preparation activities are carried out.

On passenger airports in the area immediately adjacent to the terminal ramp is called. The main function of such a "Terminal Ramp" is the transfer of passengers on " Passenger Gates" ( gates ) to the respective aircraft. This can be done via jetways, which protrude into the apron, and provide passengers with a direct transition from the individual gates from. The transfer to more remote from the terminal parking positions is done with courtesy buses.

On cargo airports or in the cargo area from passenger airports, where no terminal is necessary, the ramp is located near the equipment for the handling of air cargo ( Cargo Center, Warehouse or similar).

For the coordination of activities in the ramp area of ​​the ramp agent is responsible.


As opposed to ramp Apron designated areas intended for parking, and the maintenance of aircraft. This can also further away from the terminal.

At major airports multiple contiguous areas of parking positions in the ramp area will be referred to as the apron. Often they are numbered as Apron 1 ... n, where this number is included as a component in the position numbers of pitches.


Small and thus lighter aircraft must be tied down to their assigned parking positions with risers on so-called " mooring point " (retaining rings on the ground), so they are not knocked over or carried away by wind.

For general aviation (English general aviation, GA ) is on the apron a small area is available adjacent to the GAT ( General Aviation Terminal ). Most near the GAT is on the tarmac of airports a helipad.