Airport reference point

The aerodrome reference point (English aerodrome reference point, ARP ) is a legally approved air point on the site of an airfield that is significant on the grounds of the airport and its surroundings for all position and altitude information. Its coordinates are given in longitude and latitude and the altitude above sea level.

The aerodrome reference point should be in the center of the system of the start and runways. Since the Bauschutzbereich ( § 12 or § 17 LuftVG ) depends on the aerodrome reference point, is not very happy waived for subsequent changes to the start and runway system of the old ARP. If he has to be postponed due to the Bauschutzbereiches the rights of third parties are always affected and thus bring an action is given. Since the aerodrome reference point is the center of the Bauschutzbereiches, the height of the ARPs should be selected so that it reaches at least the lowest point of the start and runway system. In Frankfurt, for example, the ARP is located a few meters below the rail system. This significantly more obstacles in the vicinity of the airfield are recorded. The ARP with its height, in cooperation with DFS determine the relevant competent national aviation authority.

  • Example: the Frankfurt airport has the reference point 50 02, 00 N / 08 34 23 E, ie 50 degrees, 2 minutes, 0 seconds north latitude and 8 degrees, 34 minutes and 23 seconds east longitude.
  • For example, the now decommissioned Berlin Tempelhof Airport has the reference point 52 28 25 N / 13 24 06 E, ie 52 degrees, 28 minutes 25 seconds north latitude and 13 degrees, 24 minutes and 6 seconds east longitude.