Airports Council International

The Airports Council International ( ACI) is the leading international governing body of the airport operator with headquarters in Montreal, Canada.

The ACI has 580 members, representing more than 1650 airports in 179 countries and territories. 2005, ACI members have handled more than 4.8 billion passengers, 79.8 million tons of cargo and 74.1 million aircraft movements.


Prior to the establishment of the Airports Council International airports were represented internationally by the Airport Associations Coordinating Council (AACC ). This organization was founded in 1970 by the Airport Operators Council International ( AOCI ), the International Civil Airports Association ( ICAA ) and the Western European Airports Association ( WEAA ). The Airport Council International in 1989 went forth out of the AACC.

The headquarters of the organization was moved in 2010 from Geneva to Montreal.


The ACI consists of five regions, each acting as an independent trade group, the Association membership by the ACI brand. Accordingly, the Geneva - based " ACI " is not a real headquarters, but more of an umbrella organization that unites the five regional associations. The five regions of the ACI are:

  • North America, based in Washington, DC, which represents most of the commercial airports in the United States and Canada
  • Europe, based in Brussels
  • Latin America and the Caribbean, based in São Paulo
  • Asia -Pacific based in Hong Kong, East Asia, Australasia, Micronesia, Vancouver (Canada ), San Francisco ( USA) and includes Hawaii (USA)
  • Africa, based in Casablanca

Furthermore, the ACI has an office at the International Civil Aviation Organization in Montreal.