Aius Locutius

AIUs Locutius or AIUs Loquens was the name of a Roman deity who is BC mentioned in connection with the invasion of the Gauls under Brennus senones in Italy about 387.

According to a probably older tradition tradition commanded the voice does not get any physically manifesting deity in the grove of Vesta, to strengthen the fortifications of Rome. In deviation is reported that the superhuman voice had a certain Marcus Caedicius night applied to the Via Nova, to report the attack of the Gauls. In both cases, the warning was not heeded, leading to the conquest and destruction of Rome. The Senate decided to let create the appearance of atonement a religious building. One in 1820 at the foot of the Palatine and formerly found so often placed on the altar connection is likely to have heard of another deity.

The name AIUs Locutius consists of two useful related terms ( aio, loquor ), both of which express the speech and underline the importance of what is said by the coupling. Verkünderstimmen out of nowhere are a recurring motif in Roman religion, which was strongly influenced by magical elements.