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Yaka (also Aka, Babinga, Bambenga, Beka Beka, Binga, Mòáka and Nyoyaka ) is a Bantu language and is spoken by about 30,000 members of the Bayaka in the Central African Republic and the Republic of Congo.

It is distributed in the Central African Republic in the Lobaye prefecture and the economy Prefecture Sangha Mbaéré and in the Republic of Congo in the department of Likouala each with about 15,000 speakers.

Yaka is written in the Latin script.


Yaka forms with the language Ngando the Ngando group. After the classification of Malcolm Guthrie Yaka belongs to the Guthrie - area C10. She has the dialects Basese, Beka (also Gbayaka, Bayaka and Moyaka ) Bambenzele and Nzari.