Akiko Suzuki

Akiko Suzuki (Japanese铃木 明子, Akiko Suzuki, born March 28, 1985 in Toyohashi, Aichi Prefecture) is a Japanese figure skater who starts in a single run.


As Suzuki had to leave their homes because of a university degree at age 18, she developed anorexia. My weight dropped to 32 kg. This made performing impossible jumps and missed the entire season 2003/04. After they had stabilized their weight again and was inspired by Shizuka Arakawa's title win at the World Championship in 2004, she returned.

By 2010, Suzuki made ​​it because of the enormous competition in their own country not to reach the podium at the National Championships and thus qualify for international big tournaments. Ins 2010, she went as a Japanese vice- champion. She won the silver medal at the Four Continents Championships in Jeonju. Your World Cup debut, she finished in eleventh place. In her Olympic debut, she was eighth.

At its second world championship is the 27 -year-old Suzuki 2012 won bronze in Nice with her ​​first medal at the world championships.