Akimasa Nakamura

Akimasa Nakamura (Japanese中 村 彰 正, Nakamura Akimasa; * 1961) is a Japanese astronomer.

Akimasa Nakamura works mainly on Kuma- Kōgen Observatory at Kumakogen in Ehime Prefecture, to whose staff he still belongs. He places special emphasis on his work on the observation of the brightness of asteroids. He discovered from 1994 to the present (January 2010) a total of 109 asteroids.

He named the asteroid ( 9081 ) Hideakianno after the Japanese film director Hideaki Anno and ( 44711 ) Carp after the Hiroshima Carp baseball team whose fan he is.

The asteroid ( 10633 ) 1999 Akimasa was named after him, to celebrate the birth of his first child.


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