Akira Yamaoka

Akira Yamaoka (Japanese山冈 晃, Akira Yamaoka; born February 6, 1968 in Niigata ) is a Japanese music producer and composer of soundtracks for the Japanese game developer Konami.

Yamaoka studied at the Art Academy in Tokyo product design and interior architecture. From September 1993 he worked until the end of 2009 at Konami as a freelance composer for video games. His music style is influenced by the industrial sound.

Yamaoka composed and produced the soundtrack and often the sound effects of the Silent Hill series almost single-handedly. The music of the movie of the same name comes from him ( specifically from Silent Hill 1-4) and was arranged by Jeff Danna only new. Furthermore, there was Akira Yamaoka as a producer for the fourth part of Silent Hill 4: The Room operates. The music from the game Silent Hill 2 was performed in 2005 on the third Game Music Concert in Leipzig.

For the soundtrack to Shin Contra ( in Europe and the U.S. as Contra: Shattered Soldier published ) Yamaoka worked together with Sota Fujimori, while he contributed two tracks to Rumble Roses. Also very little represented, he is in the Dance Dance Revolution and beatmania IIDX soundtracks, which he composed in the latter using aliases such riewo, Detroian, De Vol or Akira Shintani.

Yamaokas first independent album iFUTURELIST whose pieces to a large extent based on tracks from aforementioned video games, or at least refer to it, was released in Japan in January 2006. He composed in 2012 along with Mindless Self Indulgence frontman Jimmy Urine the soundtrack for Warner Bros. Horror Console game "Lollipop Chainsaw ".

He is one of Angelo Badalamenti also next to Depeche Mode and Metallica to his influences.