Akismet or Automattic Kismet is a filter service for spamdexing, which was first published on 25 October 2005. This is developed by Automattic, a company that employs many of the main developers of the blog platform WordPress. Akismet tries Link Spam and Trackback Spam pings filtering. This captures the filter information on spam on all participating blogs. This information is then combined and analyzed by anti-spam rules. Here is a comment classified as spamdexing, this is stored in a spam queue and automatically deleted after two weeks if the weblog operator this does not exempt manually from the spam queue within this period. Akismet Protected far WordPress blogs before about 7.8 billion spam comments and pings.

Akismet was originally developed as a plugin for WordPress. Since version 2.0, it comes bundled with WordPress and is standard on all blogs that are hosted on WordPress.com, activated. The client Akismet is licensed under the GPL as free software. It should be noted that the key has not been released in the algorithm code of the server program.

The use of Akismet is free for individuals. In order to use Akismet, it is necessary to register with wordpress.com and enter an API key in the options of the plugin.

Privacy issues in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Akismet examines a comment after possible spam. To accomplish this must convey this anti-spam some data to a server in the United States. Something of this kind may only be carried out when it is in the privacy statement explicitly to this approach. If it is missing, the plugin must be disabled. This problem has now been confirmed by heise online. After this problem was the team of WordPress Germany known for two years, is out at Wordpress Germany since March 1, 2011, a basic discussion. Since version 3.1.1. WordPress comes with a custom language file, which displays a warning message when you enable Akismet in a WordPress installation.


Many bloggers complain that their comments have been marked as spam by Akismet faulty. If a commentator once labeled as a spammer, it can be difficult to participate on a WordPress blog (which Akismet used as a filter ) in a discussion, because comments awaiting activation or deletion, overlooked by the blog operators could can be.


Because of privacy issues by Akismet in German-speaking alternatives are called to Akismet in the FAQ articles of WordPress Germany. Of these alternatives may be mentioned at this point Antispam Bee and Defensio. Also plugins that allow the dispensing of comments after the release of a spelling, among the bloggers are a widespread alternative.