Akita Shoten

K. K. Akita Shoten (株式会社 秋田.书店, Kabushiki - Akita Shoten gaisha, Eng. Akita Publishing Co., Ltd. ) is a Japanese publishing company that was founded on August 10, 1948 in Chiyoda. The company publishes mainly manga genre of shōnen and shōjo. The magazines Shōnen Champion and Princess are among the most important magazines of its line in Japan. For publishing program include the manga Black Jack, Cutey Honey, Tenchi Muyo, My- Hime and Mobile Suit Gundam.

Instantaneous President is Sadami Akita.



  • Weekly Shōnen Champion (週刊 少年 チャンピオン), weekly
  • Monthly Shonen Champion (月刊 少年 チャンピオン), monthly
  • Champion Red (チャンピオンRED), monthly
  • Champion Red Ichigo (いちごチャンピオンRED ), monthly
  • Young Champion (ヤング チャンピオン), twice a month
  • Young Champion Retsu (ヤング チャンピオン 烈), monthly
  • Play Comic (プレイ コミック), twice a month
  • Golf Comic ( GOLFコミック), monthly


  • Princess, monthly
  • Princess Gold, monthly
  • Petit Princess (プチ プリンセス), bi-monthly
  • Mystery Bonita (ミステリー ボニータ), monthly
  • Suspiria Mystery (サスペリア ミステリー), bi-monthly
  • Elegance Eve (Eleganceイブ), monthly
  • For Mrs. (フォア ミセス), monthly
  • Love Max (恋爱MAX), bi-monthly
  • Love Cherry Pink (恋愛 チェリー ピンク), bi-monthly
  • Desir SP (デジールSP), bi-monthly
  • Hitomi (ひとみ) set