Akkeshi, Hokkaido

Akkeshi (Japanese厚 岸 町; Akkeshi -chō ) is a district town in the same county in the sub-prefecture of Hokkaido Kushiro in Japan.

Location and size

Akkeshi is located on the east coast of the main Japanese island of Hokkaidō to the Akkeshi Lagoon. The city covers an area of ​​734.82 km ² and had 11,323 inhabitants in 2008.


The Ainu, who had lived in the area of ​​Akkeshi lagoon by the Japanese at the beginning of the 19th century already centuries before the settlement of the area, called the place Atkeusi. This designation is based, the name of the city. The present city Akkeshi was formed in 1900 by merging four towns and seven villages. 1917 Akkeshi station was built on the railway line from Kushiro to Nemuro. The incorporation of the southern part of the former village of Ota was 1955.


The city's harbor is ice-free in spite of its northerly location in the winter. Major economic activities in Akkeshi are oysters and herring fishing.


The northern district of Shinryu, which originated around the station and in which most businesses and government agencies are, is separated by the Akkeshi- lagoon honcho, the southern district and older. Both parts of the city are connected by a 456 m long bridge, which offers a beautiful view of the city and lagoon. In Shinryu district, the modern town hall is worth seeing.

The Kokutai is a 1802 established Buddhist temple of the Rinzai sect of Zen Buddhism. It is located in the district honcho and one of the oldest and most important temples on Hokkaidō. Here missionary activities began in 1804 to convert the Ainu.

At the 32 km ² and up to 11 m deep Akkeshi Lagoon a 381 -hectare nature reserve has been created, where you can watch the rare red-crowned crane. In the lagoon, which does not freeze in winter, flows into the river Bekambeushi, whose name comes from the language of the Ainu.

Transport links

Akkeshi is located approximately 50 km east of Kushiro on the east coast of Hokkaido to the railway line Nemuro Sen. Several times a day the city can be reached by train from Kushiro and Nemuro. The station is located in the district of Shinryu. The nearest airport is located in Kushiro.

Kokutai Ji Temple

View from Kokutai Ji Temple

Akkeshi Lagoon

Town hall

Red-crowned Crane