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Aksaray ( Turkish for white palace ) ( heth. Nenessa, pers Gausara byzant. Archelais or Taxara, seldsch. Aksera ) is a Central Anatolian city in Turkey and the capital of the province of Aksaray. Aksaray is located in the high plains of Konya, close to the largest salt lake in Turkey ( Lake Tuz ) and the snow-capped 3268 meter high Hasan Dagi. The city has about 177,000 inhabitants.

Attractions in and around Aksaray

  • One of several mosques is the Ulu Cami
  • Aksaray Museum ( Zinciriye Medresesi )
  • Egri (or Kızıl ) Minaret, a wrong standing minaret made ​​of red brick
  • Ortaköy Park
  • The Ihlara valley with numerous cave churches
  • Höhlenbauten in the village Selime
  • The reservoir Mamasın Baraji
  • The Agzikarahan, a Seljuk caravanserai about 15 km east of the city
  • Kloster Güzelyurt and the three underground cities


  • Mercedes -Benz Türk A.Ş. (Trucks factory )
  • Sütaş ( dairy products)
  • Uguray (cheese factory)